Sound investment for 2012

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Harris’ clients in the limelight at Ecobuild

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Winning ways on the web

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Harris sets sights on double award

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The value of print

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Responsive web design

My eyes have been opened to responsive web design and there is definitely no going back for me.

Logo or Lo-gone?

After suffering a rough year in 2010, filled with several announcements of its demise, the humble logo is still here… Read More

SEO tip #2: Clean coding equals a solid structure

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Create your digital toolbox

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The difference between god and a safety manager

God doesn’t think he’s a safety manager! Before the safety police visit, I should say that I don’t entirely subscribe… Read More

Tim’s top tips for public speaking

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Don’t Panic!

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How to cut advertising costs

Prioritise the magazines that are most appropriate for your market. Any reputable magazine will have ABC audited readership figures and… Read More

SEO tip #1: Content is key

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Life in the fast lane

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Come fly with me…

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The fluorescent fashion

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I’m a photographer not a terrorist!

Photography is under attack from beaurocracy, misguided public servants and the misuse and misunderstanding of the law. Across the country… Read More

Making the most of Facebook

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What does your business really sell?

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Image rights and wrongs

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Environmentally ‘friendly’ print; fact or fiction?

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