Build your career with us - group

What was the brief?

Novus Property Solutions asked us to devise and execute a wide-reaching campaign to find suitable candidates for 25 apprentice openings in a range of trades across 13 key locations.

The objectives were to:

Build your career with us - apprentices
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What did we do?

The campaign slogan, ‘Build your career with us!’ was selected from a shortlist and a bold, visual identity was created.

Press releases were sent to the local press in all of the 13 target locations, as well as trade press nationally, to raise awareness of the social media campaign and to encourage journalists to engage with the campaign on the web.

On social media, we boosted relevant content, took out Facebook and Instagram adverts for each location, contacted colleges and schools, and joined in with the National Apprentice Week campaign across all channels.

In addition to our dynamic social media and content campaigns, we undertook Google Adwords campaigns for key search terms, ensuring they were geo-fenced to spend went towards reaching users in target locations.

Statistics for Build your career with us
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What were the results?

Our campaign met and exceeded all of its core objectives.

The results included:

What did the client say?

“With the knowledge and expertise from Harris we were able to not only achieve the targets set by the board but smash them. This is solely due to the hard work and dedication put in by the Harris team. They did a fantastic job yet again!”

Sophie Seddon-Hall, marketing manager at Novus Property Solutions