What was the brief?

To support the creation of a new company, we were asked to devise and position a brand, including a name for the company, as well as digital and physical assets, and the setting of brand tone and messaging.

We knew the brand had to be strong and distinctive, and it had to establish a market position from which the newly formed company could win large projects in the roofing and exteriors industry.


How did it happen?

We conducted a rigorous review of the company’s ethos and values, which are now reflected across every aspect of the firm.

The process began with a period of detailed research into the company’s history, including in-depth profiling of the customer base, and the specific regions that had delivered the most success in terms of enquiries and sales.

Through discussions with staff at all levels, our team pinpointed the perceptions held internally about the business, and the key objectives and goals that were driving various departments and offices.

We generated and circulated sketches and ideas at all stages of the creative process, and a minimalist approach was decided upon for the brand new company logo. The name Nautilus stood out, combining a sense of nature with connotations of strength and security.

Nautius business cards
The Nautilus website

What were the results?

We created the Nautilus brand; a sector-leading piece of brand communications, carefully tailored to the high-end roofing and cladding market.

The first three months of business since Nautilus’ official launch have produced an improvement in bottom-line sales, with orders increasing by 10 per cent. Online enquiries via the new website have increased by 25 per cent, compared to the enquiries for the Wales office via the previous company’s website.

What did the client say?

“The new branding stands out head and shoulders in our industry. Clients and other trades have, to a man, commented favourably on the new image and there is no doubt that it presents a true reflection of the way the company operates.”

Andrew Brush, director, Nautilus