What was the brief?

We have worked with Lakesmere, one of the most successful building envelope specialist contractors in the UK, for the better part of a decade. The company is currently undergoing an exciting transitional phase of moving away from its SME roots and emerging as a corporate entity. We were tasked with delivering a targeted campaign that included PR, social media and design services to help define and promote the ‘new’ Lakesmere Group corporate brand.

Lakesmere website

What did we do?

Lakesmere has a strong brand identity and one of its major advantages over its competitors is the experience and skills of its workforce. We felt it vital that in the move to becoming ‘corporate’ we didn’t lose sight of Lakesmere’s identity. We therefore created a campaign that is very much in tune with the company’s own corporate values and which would be focussed on promoting the people and culture of Lakesmere.

PR activity has focussed on generating targeted press coverage of new, high value contracts wins that ‘name check’ key clients, interviews with senior level directors and greater involvement in discussions on wider construction industry issues such as the skills shortage.

New marketing collateral has been created to further strengthen the brand and Lakesmere’s new corporate message. Key projects have been the delivery of a new company brochure, creation of a dedicated careers website, marketing support to promote the company’s Queen’s Award for Enterprise win as well as project and video photography.

What were the results?

The PR activity has resulted in targeted press coverage across the national and regional press. Feedback from the client suggests that this increased media exposure, coupled with a greater presence across such influential social media platforms as LinkedIn, has been seen – and commented on – by key clients and has proved useful to refer to during the early tendering process.

Regional press coverage is vital for Lakesmere’s Scottish and Irish offices in particular and consistent liaison with the relevant trade titles has not only increased the company’s profile but has also had a positive affect on recruitment in these areas.

Overall the marketing campaign has helped to strengthen and elevate the Lakesmere Group brand at a time when the company has recorded its most successful financial results to date, with turnover increasing 11% from the 2014 figure of £86m to £95.6m as a result of securing higher value work in new markets and expanding both its workforce and geographical reach.

What did the client say?

“There’s no doubt that the Lakesmere brand would not have grown and developed to become the largest, most respected contractor in our sector without the guidance and support of Harris.”

Mo Morgan, Lakesmere’s head of group marketing