What was the brief?

Modular construction business Elite Systems asked us to help them achieve the next level in the burgeoning off-site construction market. Following an initial consultation and a series of internal strategy workshops, we proposed an integrated marketing campaign in order to help the modular construction specialists achieve this.

The aim was to increase Elite’s enquiries and entice talented people to join the company, with an ultimate goal of increasing sales to meet the increased capacity of its proposed expanded manufacturing facility. Specifically, Elite wanted the marketing campaign to drive leads and enquiries, build the brand, and raise awareness of the benefits of modular construction.
Elite is already prominent in the education sector, however the challenge was to create a campaign which was able to take the company into new markets, and as a result increase recruitment levels.

What did we do?

To fulfil this brief we devised a campaign that would exploit the growth in the modular sector, as well as the gaps left by the larger, more volume-dependent off-site manufacturers – playing to the USPs of the client: its responsive, bespoke and flexible way of working. The campaign was multi-channel, utilising highly effective web design, SEO coordinated with strategic and creative PR, social media and content marketing.

Our web, PR and social media teams worked together on formulating and refining the campaign, which culminated in the creative concept of ‘The People for Modular’. This theme was visible throughout the marketing campaign, showing Elite’s human side and people-focused ethos. On social media, we used the hashtag to pull the campaign together.

What were the results?

Not only did the campaign propel the company forwards through increasing Elite Systems’ visibility on the web and within their markets, but it also presented a brand that reflects its mastery of modular construction methods.

We over-achieved Elite’s expectations in every aspect of the campaign. Within six months it resulted in a 224% increase in enquiries, 72 sales leads generated via the website and a 71% increase in social media reach.

What did the client say?

“The new approach to marketing has led to significant changes at Elite: externally and culturally internally with the team taking a pride in the enhanced profile the business enjoys. We’ve seen a real growth in enquiries and awareness of who we are and what we offer clients, across various sectors.”

– Marcus Sutcliffe, managing director for Elite Systems